2 oz Mini Martini Shot Glasses - Replaced

  • 2 oz Mini Martini GlassesSmarty Had A Party
This product is no longer available. Party over. Cool kids: split. Balloons: popped. Hamster: escaped. Ice cream: melted. Floor: sticky. Toilet: overflowing. Mom: passed out. Cops: gone. This product: history.

Size matters! You have NEVER had this much fun with something this tiny! Did you think you had to choose between a classy cocktail or dessert bar and the convenience of disposable stemware? Nope, nosiree, not a chance! USA’s shindig custodian is looking out for your special event. Presenting: Class without glass! The ittiest, bittiest, tiniest, littlest, miniest martini glasses will produce maximum exposure for your creative inspirations! Use for cocktails, or as unique dishware for a desert buffet. Serve it, drink it, use again, or toss it out. When you’ve had enough, you can leave without washing the dishes. (But you will probably still need to take out the trash.)

Product Details: High quality, two piece mini barware have a high quality construction that ensures a tight lock. Base clicks gently and securely into cup portion.

Brand: Small Wonders

Design: Contemporary

Diameter: 2.5"

Height: 3.5"

Capacity: 2 oz

Color: Clear

Shape: Kinda triangle-like, if you are talking about the top. What do you call that base? Um... sorta like a base, with a stem in the middle.

Theme: Miniatures

Style: Elegant

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Recycling Code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Disposable: Intended for one-time, single use

Manufacturer: EMI Yoshi

Smarty’s big, fat, ugly, whimsical disclaimer: We disavow any responsibility for guests swiping your throw-away dishes and partyware. Get better friends, or buy crappier disposables; our commitment to you extends only to the quality and exquisite beauty of our plasticware. We will not serve it for you, wash it for you, or drink it for you. (Well, okay, we might agree to the last one, if you twist our arms.) Most importantly: This is NOT real glass! You are purchasing 100% authentic disposable plastic (do not be confused by imitations!). It is not as sturdy or as reusable as real glass. But it sure is a far cry from a Dixie® cup! Just sayin.

May all of your life's events be one part party, and two parts Smarty. Cheers!

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