8 oz Classicware Ivory Plastic Coffee Mugs - Gone

  • CWM8192IVR 8 oz Classicware Ivory Disposable Plastic Coffee MugsSmarty Had A Party
This product is no longer available. Party over. Cool kids: split. Balloons: popped. Hamster: escaped. Ice cream: melted. Floor: sticky. Toilet: overflowing. Mom: passed out. Cops: gone. This product: history.

Elegant · Sturdy · Sublime

Smarty™ has two guiding principles. One: "Our most important party is yours." Two: "Don’t spoil a classy event by worrying about the mess." That’s why we offer items like this Classicware plastic coffee mug. It lends your event the class of real china, and lends itself to being pitched (or recycled) when the night’s over. Our products don’t stick around; our principles do.

Brand: Classicware

Design: Traditional

Capacity: 8 oz

Color: Ivory

Shape: Round

Style: Elegant

Theme: (C)up to the occasion.

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Recycling Code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Disposable: Intended for one-time, single use

Smarty Party™ Tips: We stand for plastic because, at Smarty™, plastic stands for:


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