13.25" White Plastic Cake Stand

  • 3602WH White Plastic 13.25" Cake StandSmarty Had A Party
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Item #: 3602WH
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FS 3.509

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Attractive · White · Sturdy

Sturdy structure for stacking. Since I started working on the description of this cake stand, the same line keeps going through my head: sturdy structure for stacking (it’s fun to say the first 20 times). Concentrate. These stands are made of high-quality plastic, come in white and clear, and give your cake the beautiful presentation it, your event, and you, deserve. Yikes, here it comes again: sturdy structure for stacking. Well, I guess it goes without saying that these cake stands sturdily stack together when serving cupcakes, appetizers and the like. You’re probably aware of that feature by now. I know I am.

Brand: Platter Pleasers

Color: White

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Shape: Round

Approximate outside diameter (including ½" rim): 13 ¼"

Approximate inside diameter: 12 ¼"

Approximate height: 3 ¾"

Theme: Cake stand-out.

Material: Thick, rigid, disposable or reusable plastic

Disposable or reusable? Heavy enough to reuse, yet priced so you can discard.

Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Smarty Party™ Time-Out: Cake rises on its own, but not like it does on one of these.

Please choose carefully - serving accessories are not returnable

How Smarty is YOUR party?™
Hope you’re serving more than dessert
(assuming we’re invited).

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