14 x 14 Square PET Plastic Dome Lid Gone

  • 1414LP 14 x 14 Square Dome PET Plastic LidSmarty Had A Party
This product is no longer available. Party over. Cool kids: split. Balloons: popped. Hamster: escaped. Ice cream: melted. Floor: sticky. Toilet: overflowing. Mom: passed out. Cops: gone. This product: history.

Practical · Durable · Reusable

Please choose carefully - serving accessories are not returnable

Whether you’re transporting food trays to an event, or trooping out the leftovers (I don’t know how ravenous your guests are, but usually there are leftovers), these dome lids make things cleaner, quicker, and easier.

Color: Clear

Brand: Party Tray

Approx. dimensions: 14" x 14" [fits 14" x 14" square serving platters]

Shape: Square

Material: PET Plastic

Disposable: One-time party use

Recycling Code: #5 PET or PETE

Theme: Put a lid on it.

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Smart·y [pronunciation: /smahr·tee/]

noun smar·ty. Def: Someone superior in party presentation and entertaining:
She catered the event like a smarty.

noun, noun plural smart·y; smar·ties. Def: Party or event planner(s) who are fans of exceptional parties, or fans, members, customers or employees of Smarty Had A Party.®

verb smar·tied; smar·ty·ing. Def: The act of planning or partaking in a superior party:
We’re smartying this party up!

adjective smar·ty, smart·i·er; smart·i·est. Def: A celebration of superior caliber:
1. A smartier party. 2. The smartiest event planner. 3. That party was not so smarty.

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