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8 piece square embossed paper dinner plate, metallic gold

SKU: 333404
price : $8.03/PACK $45.76/CASE

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Color: Metallic Gold

Approx. outer dimensions: 10" [incl. 2" rim]

Approx. inner dimensions: 6"

Shape: Square

Material: Thick, heavy, embossed, paper

Category: High End, Fancy Embossed Paper Dinnerware

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Smarty Party™ tips: Square plates have nothing to do with square dancing. Please don't make the same mistake I did...

¡ FPA WARNING ¡ Plates have four corners. Do NOT try to insert them into round holes.

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When you’re looking for an elegant addition to any set of matching tableware, this beautiful square gold dinner plate is sure to catch the eye. Its beautiful scalloped edges are coupled with brilliant gold embossing that is sure to add a note of glamour to your baby shower or add an accent that will help your event be one to remember. This lovely, elegant plate is so beautiful that no one will care that it’s disposable! You’ll get a gorgeous table set to perfection with none of the inconvenience of cleanup when the event is over: the perfect combination for your tableware.
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