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90 Round Pintuck Hot Fuchsia Pink Tablecloth"

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Color: Hot Fuchsia Pink

Size: 90" Diameter

Shape: Round

Table Drop:

On a 72" round table (seats 10-12 people), this tablecloth will drop down 9" (to one’s lap).

On a 60" round table (seats 8-10), this tablecloth will drop down 15" (about half-way to the floor), all the way around.

On a 48" round table (seats 5 or 6 people), this tablecloth will drop down 21" (about 2/3 of the way to the floor), all the way around.

On a 36" table (seats 4), this tablecloth will drop down 27" (3" above the floor), all the way around.

On a 30" round table (seats 2-3 ), this tablecloth will drop down 30" (to the floor), all the way around.

Material: Taffeta with pintuck stitched pattern

Reusable: It is yours to keep!


  • Hand Wash
  • Hang Dry
  • Do not put in dryer

Please note that table linen comes pre-folded for your convenience, but this may cause crease marks and thus may require maintenance prior to your event.

Category: Pintuck tablecloths

Style: Elegant

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Additional Info

Hot fuchsia pink makes a daring statement at any party or event, and this gorgeous 90” round pintuck hot fuchsia pink tablecloth will help bring that brilliant pop of color to the tables throughout your event. A lovely pintuck design helps add a note of texture to the table as you set up your matching tableware and prepare for your event. This tablecloth is easy to wash and reuse, which means that it’s the perfect addition to many of your events in the future. From birthday parties to showers, there are plenty of opportunities to let this tablecloth shine.
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