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Posted on 8/1/2011 2:23:00 PM by msdrema

Demetrice and Alvin Smith won a contest sponsored by TLC to renew their wedding vows at the premeire of the movie Jumping the Broom. Turns out, they were members of my previous church (membership: 35,000+). They shared a bit of their story: They had been friends for years, just hanging out and going through life. After one particular night of hanging out, Demetrice realized to herself that she loved Alvin and had to tell him right away. She set out in the pouring rain to see Alvin when she sees a figure coming toward her. She realizes it is Alvin ( who about the same time she did had the same realization that he loved her and was on his way to tell her!) They met in the rain under a street light, whhere they confessed their love for each other and he proposed!
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