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Posted on 8/9/2011 6:13:37 PM by Bethie Lou

My boyfriend and I were suppose to be broken up because of religious difference. He is my best friend's older cousin and I grew up admiring him in a little girl sort of way. After graduating from college, I started teaching in his home town where we would meet from time to time. When my motorcycle broke down, I asked him, as a cousin-friend to give me a lift in his pickup, and that started a long 8 month friendship that was defined by hanging out and basically denying our feelings. The church I grew up in did not allow for members to couple up with/ marry none-members, so I never thought could or would fall in love with him. When our love for each grew too strong to deny, my boyfriend had tried to fit in the church. After a year he realized that that is not the church he wants to spend his more

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