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Posted on 9/7/2011 1:06:46 PM by Lindsey Friedel

well me and my husband to be in three weeks got engaged while on a vacation in new york city in june 2011. my mom was working there temporarily, we are from idaho. he some what spoiled the surprise by telling me he would do it while we were in new york because we had talked about getting engaged and waiting a year to get married. well we were staying in Schenectady and took one of our maynt trips to nyc and i saw him leave the ring in his duffel bag so i didnt expect it to happen this night. well we went shopping and goofed around all day and jordan kepy talking about going to the top of the empire state building. that night there was absolutely 0 visibility at the top of the building so everyone told us its the worse night to go up. but jordan just wanted to go to the top this night for reasons more
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