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Posted on 9/8/2011 1:56:44 PM by Sara Gaines

It all started on the weekend of December 6th 2009, my boyfriend (now husband) was coming down for the weekend like he always does, because he was living in a different town for school. We only had sundays off together so as usual I asked what we were doing for Sunday, but he kept telling me he didn't know and that he would figure something out, which is not like him, he is very organized, he's a marine, but I thought "maybe he is just focusing on his finals" so I let it go. Well by Saturday morning I wanted and needed to know what we were doing for Sunday, so I asked again and told him I NEEDED an answer. So he tells me we are going to the exploratorium in san francisco, I was super excite. So the next day we were off, but the odd thing was that he wouldn't put his phone down, (another thing more
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