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Posted on 9/9/2011 2:57:03 PM by Christine Fortis

So my fiance and & moved in with his dad since he was 83, widowed and beging to have health issues and, was living in a really large house by himself. Being WWII children, my fiances parents save EVERYTHING. In order for us to make room for us to start a life and a family at this house, we had to sort through and throw away A LOT of junk (this is a brooklyn brownstone so 5 floors of junk) After a few months of doing this we finally had enough room for us to move in but there was still a lot for us to do in order to be able to claim a full floor for ourselves. So one night there is a thunderstorm and the cable goes out while we are lying in bed watching tv. I was feeling grumpy from a long day so I decided to go take a hot shower to relax. When I came out of the shower he comes to me with a more
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