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Posted on 9/30/2011 11:05:21 PM by Highschool Sweetheart

In college, my roommates and I always had game nights and the main game of the night was always guesstures. My fiance set up a typical get together but it was actually a built-in engagement party where everyone was in on it. It was our turn and started acting out a few words that were pre selected to make sure they were guessed quickly. And then the word was proposal (which is a legit word in the game) so I didn't think anything of it. Unfortunately, the buzzer went off and I walked away thinking we lost all our points. After some improvising on his part, we were back up at the front and acting again. He busted out the ring and a friend hit play to our song! It was amazing and hilarious to think back on! It was so nice to share the moment with our friends and even one was secretly video taping more
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