Acrylic Diamond Rhinestones

  • ACDIARNST Acrylic Diamond Rhinestones Table DecorSmarty Had A Party

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Product Details:

  • Each rhinestone is a small diamond with a silver bottom and clear crystal-like top.
  • Each package contains 1000 rhinestones.

Shape: Diamond

Approx. diameter: ½" [each piece]

Material: Acrylic

Reusable: They are yours to keep!

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Smarty Party™ Tips: A smattering of scattering is really rather divine (you thought I was going to say flattering, didn’t you?).

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Smart·y [pronunciation: /smahr·tee/]

noun smar·ty. Def: Someone superior in party presentation and entertaining:
She catered the event like a smarty.

noun, noun plural smart·y; smar·ties. Def: Party or event planner(s) who are fans of exceptional parties, or fans, members, customers or employees of Smarty Had A Party.®

verb smar·tied; smar·ty·ing. Def: The act of planning or partaking in a superior party:
We’re smartying this party up!

adjective smar·ty, smart·i·er; smart·i·est. Def: A celebration of superior caliber:
1. A smartier party. 2. The smartiest event planner. 3. That party was not so smarty.

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