4 oz Slanted Mini Plastic Sampler Flutes - Replaced

  • PS33100 Slanted Sampler TubeSmarty Had A Party
This product is no longer available. Party over. Cool kids: split. Balloons: popped. Hamster: escaped. Ice cream: melted. Floor: sticky. Toilet: overflowing. Mom: passed out. Cops: gone. This product: history.

Disposable · Reusable

This tube (or is it a cup?) flute is screaming for your imagination. Perfect for a refreshing summer quaff appetizer or alcoholic cocktail aperitif, or a delicious dessert drink. Go ahead, get creative!

Product Details: Elegant plastic tube flutes are transparent, to display your mouth watering creation, and are fairly substantial in thickness.

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Shape: Slanted Cylinder

Capacity: 4 oz

Color: Clear

Material: Thick, disposable or reusable plastic

Disposable / Reusable: Use once and discard, or reuse many times

Recycling Code: #6 PS Polystyrene

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