Smartyware™ Fluted Plastic Stem Wine Goblets

  • 10227 6 oz Smartyware™ Fluted Plastic Stem Wine GobletsSmarty Had A Party
This product is no longer available. Party over. Cool kids: split. Balloons: popped. Hamster: escaped. Ice cream: melted. Floor: sticky. Toilet: overflowing. Mom: passed out. Cops: gone. This product: history.

Disposable · High End · Low Cost · Fancy
Wedding · Shower · Holiday

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One piece stemmed wine glasses boast vertical fluted lines that imitate reflective crystal.

Color: Clear

Flush capacity: 8 oz *

Practical capacity: 6 oz *

Approx diameter: 2 ¾" [at the top]

Approx. height: 6 ½"

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Disposable: One-time, single party use

Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Theme: Class Without Glass

Category: High End, Fancy Plastic Drinkware

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Smarty’s™ big, fat, ugly, whimsical disclaimer: We disavow any responsibility for guests swiping your throw-away dishes and partyware. Get better friends, or buy crappier disposables; our commitment to you extends only to the quality and exquisite beauty of our plasticware. We will not serve it for you, wash it for you, or drink it for you (well, okay, we might agree to the last one, if you twist our arms). Most importantly: This is NOT real glass. You are purchasing 100% authentic disposable plastic (do NOT be confused by imitations). Not as sturdy or as reusable as real glass. But it sure is a far cry from a Dixie® cup.

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* Flush Fill vs Practical Fill: This measure is unrelated to plumbing. Flush fill is total capacity [to the rim]. Practical fill is an "ish" kinda number: ounces properly poured in a glass.

Smart·y [pronunciation: /smahr·tee/]

noun smar·ty. Def: Someone superior in party presentation and entertaining:
She catered the event like a smarty.

noun, noun plural smart·y; smar·ties. Def: Party or event planner(s) who are fans of exceptional parties, or fans, members, customers or employees of Smarty Had A Party.®

verb smar·tied; smar·ty·ing. Def: The act of planning or partaking in a superior party:
We’re smartying this party up!

adjective smar·ty, smart·i·er; smart·i·est. Def: A celebration of superior caliber:
1. A smartier party. 2. The smartiest event planner. 3. That party was not so smarty.

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