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Black Polyester Folding Chair Cover

price : $2.15/PACK $202.73/CASE

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Wedding · Banquet · Holiday
Traditional · Stylish · Washable · Reusable

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Color: Black

Approximate measurements:

  • Top to bottom: 33"
  • Chair back: 20" wide x 16" tall
  • Chair seat: 17" wide x 12.5" length

Material: Polyester

Reusable: They’re yours to keep!


  • Wash in warm water
  • Dry on low temperature

Category: Chair Covers

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

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MATERIAL Polyester
Folding chairs are a staple of many outdoor events, from weddings to parties—but that doesn’t mean that you want to put an ugly folding chair out there on its own. Instead, opt for this black folding chair cover. Not only will this lovely polyester chair cover ensure that all of the chairs for your party or event look wonderful, it will create continuity between chairs that might have been purchased at different times or come from different sets. Use them to cover all of the chairs at your event or put them on special chairs for the wedding party, the guest of honor at an important event, and more.
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