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12oz Ivory Gold Rim Disposable Plastic Soup Bowls

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price : $6.59/PACK $64.89/CASE

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Disposable · High End · Low Cost · Fancy
Wedding · Shower · Holiday

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Color: Ivory with gold border

Capacity: 12 oz

Size: Soup

Approx. outer diameter: 6 ¼"

Shape: Round

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Disposable: One-time, single party use

Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Category: High End, Fancy Plastic Dinnerware

Design: Traditional

Style: Elegant

Brand: Edge

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Additional Info

Choosing the right bowls is a critical part of ensuring that you have everything you need for your guests, whether you’re setting up for a baby shower or wedding or some other important event. Bowls that fall apart or leave guests with a soggy mess halfway through their dish can be a disaster! These beautiful ivory bowls, however, will allow your guests to enjoy every aspect of their meal without worrying that their bowl will disintegrate in the middle of the meal. A beautiful gold ring around the rim will help your bowls look their best while showing your guests that you care about all of the important details of their event.

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