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mediterranean dinner napkin, 3 ply pattern

SKU: 332673
price : $4.33/PACK $49.43/CASE

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Disposable · High-End · Low Cost · Fancy 
Wedding · Party · Decorative · Accent


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Color: Blues, Greens & White

Size: Dinner Napkin

Thickness: 3 Ply

Fold Style: Pre-folded (1/6 Fold)

Folded Dimensions: 4 ?" x 8 ?"

Unfolded Dimension: 12 ?" x 16 ¾"

Material: Paper

Disposable: One-time party use

Recycling Code: #22 PAP (Paper)

Category: Disposable Paper Napkins

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

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You’re looking for a beautiful addition to your Mediterranean party décor, and this lovely napkin is sure to catch the eye and showcase your unique style and flair. These napkins, with a variety of shades of blue in a unique Mediterranean design, will also fit perfectly with the décor for your baby shower, wedding, or other special event. Add a fun, funky element of style that will be sure to help keep your guests smiling. These disposable napkins offer the beauty and style you want without the stress that comes from a cloth product: no washing required!
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