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Pastel Blue Paper Cocktail Napkins

SKU: 139179154
price : $2.32/PACK $26.11/CASE

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Disposable · Low Cost · Fancy
Beverage · Cocktail · Party

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If you?re going to fill your mouth withdelicacies, you?ll probably need equally classy cocktail napkins to pat off your crumbs. (It?s the polite thing to do, you know, even with food this tasty, no matter how great the urge to smack your lips!)

Color: Pastel Blue

Size: Beverage Napkin

Thickness: 2 Ply

Fold style: Prefolded (1/4 fold)

Folded dimensions: 5" x 5"

Unfolded dimensions: 10" x 10"

Material: Paper

Disposable: One-time party use

Recycling Code: #22 PAP (Paper)

Theme: Cocktail napkins are people, too!

Category: Party Napkins

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Smarty Party? Tips: It doesn?t matter what you do with a napkin, as long as you do something (within the bounds of good taste). Because at the end of the night, a pristine napkin is an unhappy one.

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MATERIAL Paper Tissue
You don’t just want a package of random napkins when you’re setting up for a beautiful, elegant event. You want napkins that will fit your theme, showcase your sense of style and elegance, and maintain the look that you’re after for your baby shower, wedding, and more. These beautiful baby blue cocktail napkins are perfect for cleaning up messes, but they aren’t just a great way to wipe your face and move on. They’ll also help make sure that your place setting looks its best. Whether you choose to wrap them in napkin rings or to set them on tables in some unique fold, you can use these napkins in a wide range of ways to help create the elegant look you want for your table.
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