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8 oz Pedestal Full Size Plastic Crystal Wine Glasses

SKU: 6956
price : $3.51/PACK $82.49/CASE

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Disposable · High End · Low Cost · Fancy
Wedding · Shower · Holiday

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Does not require assembly

At Smarty?, we stand behind all our plastic wine glasses (especially when they?re full). And there are a lot to stand behind, given the wide variety we offer. So we?re confident you?ll find exactly what you want, whether it?s these pedestal wine tasting glasses, or something else. An ironclad rule around here is that our customers make choices, not compromises. You?ll drink to that, won?t you?

Color: Clear

Flush capacity: 8 oz *

Practical capacity: 6 oz *

Approx. diameter: 2 ¾" [at the top]

Approx. diameter: 2 ¼" [at the bottom]

Approx. height: 4" [incl. base]

Shape: Round

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Disposable: One-time, single party use

Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Theme: Oh, wine!

Category: High End, Fancy Plastic Drinkware

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Smarty Party? Tips: Literally putting wine on a pedestal is better than metaphorically putting anything else on one.

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* Flush Fill vs Practical Fill: This measure is unrelated to plumbing. Flush fill is total capacity [to the rim]. Practical fill is an "ish" kinda number: ounces properly poured in a glass.

Please note: The color you see on your computer monitor may not always be an accurate portrayal of the product's true shade.

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These Pedestal full size plastic crystal wine glasses sit shorter than traditional wine glasses, but they’ll still hold a full-size serving of wine. Each glass sits on a delicate pedestal, while a wavy design is part of the globe of the goblet. These glasses are sturdy, making them easy to use at your events without running the risk of spills. Heavy plastic construction leaves plenty of weight in your guests’ hands, while the convenience of disposable wine glasses means that when the event is over, you can toss them in the trash instead of having to worry about cleanup.
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