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Silver Secrets 2 Pack Cake Cutters

SKU: 716
price : $1.31/PACK $25.51/CASE

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Durable · Sleek · Disposable

Order these cake server two-packs and you?ll get two cake servers (duh!) that look like real sterling silver, but are actually plastic. That means you can fool twice as many people (or the same people twice) as you slice and serve a single cake faster. Or slice and serve two cakes at the same time (don?t attempt this alone.). Fool, slice, lift, serve, repeat. It?s that easy.

Brand: Silver Secrets

Color: Silver

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Approximate length: 10"

Approximate width: 2 ¼"

Category: Serveware

Material: Thick, rigid reusable plastic with metallic coating

Disposable or reusable? Heavy enough to reuse, yet priced so you can discard.

Recycling code: #6 PS Polystyrene

Smarty Party? Tips: When you know how to party, you know to call Smarty?.

Warning: NOT intended to be used as cookware

Please Choose Carefully: Serveware is NOT returnable

How Smarty? is YOUR party?
Hope you?re serving more than dessert
(assuming we?re invited).

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Additional Info

Your cake is the crowning glory of your event. Whether it’s a gorgeous wedding cake or a stunning dessert designed to cap off the meal at your party, you want to serve it with just as much style as the rest of your event. These beautiful silver-coated cake servers will help provide the note of elegance and style you’re looking for without straining your budget. Heavy-duty enough to be reused for future events, these plastic cake servers are priced with disposable convenience in mind, so you won’t have to feel any guilt about throwing them away when your event is over.

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