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10" Wave Bone Disposable Plastic Dinner Plates

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Shop Smarty's current line of Disposable Dinnerware

Why do plates have waves, you might ask? Don’t rock the boat... they look great.

Stylish plates boldly flaunt the latest in classy dinner trends, for that extra "twist" of awesome.

Brand: Wave

Color: Bone

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Shape: Well, this is kinda what a square looks like when you go deep-sea-fishing.

Approximate outside dimensions (including 2 ¼" rim): 9 ⅞"

Approximate inside dimensions (excluding 2 ¼" rim): 5 ⅝"

Theme: Even squares can be twisted.

Material: Thin, rigid, disposable plastic

Disposable: Intended for one-time, single use

Recycling Code: #6 PS Polystyrene

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There are times when plain white plates simply won’t do for your wedding, party, or event. You want the elegance of ivory, the sophistication of bone as it mimics the shade of good China, the extra little touch of ecru plates to help match your existing dinner setup—and these bone plastic dinner plates will deliver. These plates have a gentle wave around the edge that adds some fun to your classic dinner setup without taking anything away from your matching table setup. Even better, they offer the convenience of disposability so that you can focus on your guests instead of washing up.

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