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White Linen-Like Premium Buffet Napkins

SKU: 913272
price : $7.27/PACK $78.36/CASE

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Disposable · Decorative · Low Cost · Linen-Feel
Premium · Party · Wedding · Accent

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Luxury napkins are über thick, ultra-soft, and more absorbent than linen. Your mother-in-law won't know. Your judgmental [fill-in-the-blank] won't know. You're looking good at this event.

A new dimension in style, these dinner napkins define elegance. If someone is going to be a messy eater, they may as well do it with class. And you should probably get it on video, that’s what good wedding and party moments are all about.

Color: White

Fold Style: Prefolded (1/8 fold)

Folded Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 7 7/8"

Unfolded Dimensions: 16" x 16 3/8"

Material: Thick, soft, absorbent air-laid paper

Disposable: One-time party use

Recycling Code: #22 PAP (Paper)

Theme: Not just dinner napkins, winner napkins.

Category: Premium Paper Dinner Napkins

Design: Contemporary

Style: Elegant

Brand: Form & Function

Smarty Party Time-Out: Our napkins have been saving themselves for your special event; please include them in the festivities.

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Additional Info

MATERIAL Air-Laid Paper
When you want the elegance of cloth napkins without the associated expense or having to worry about cleanup after your event, these white linen-like premium buffet napkins are the perfect addition to your table. These napkins are designed to look and feel more like cloth, providing a superior clean and increasing the elegance and class of your event. The white napkins will blend perfectly with any color scheme. Whether you’re setting up for an amazingly elegant baby shower, preparing for a wedding, or taking care of the plans for an anniversary party, consider these napkins to help maintain the formal appearance of your event

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